Storm Of Justice

Storm Of Justice was founded summer 2004 in Zurich, Switzerland. In the following years six records have been released, shows have been organized, distro tables (records and vegan sraight edge info material) have been set up and flyers/stickers have been printed. All with the main goal to spread the vegan straight edge message. The last record has been released in 2008. As many people are not willed to pay for records anymore, there is almost no chance for a small independent record label to get the money back that has been put into a production. So there won`t be any new records in the near future. But this is not to be considered the end of Storm Of Justice. The focus now is on other projects. We are still spreading flyers, stickers and hopefully we`ll be back soon with other projects that have been planned for a while now. Stay tuned!

SOJ#01 Condolência "The order that shall be" MCD, 2005
SOJ#02 Linha de Frente "The chain" CD, 2006
SOJ#03 Nueva Etica "Inquebrantable" LP, 2006
SOJ#04 Wolf-Cell-Solid "You betta axe somebody" MCD, 2007
SOJ#05 The battle "All shall perish" MCD, 2008
SOJ#06 Asunto "Afirmación de vida" CD, 2008

Maroon, Purification, Absone and more.